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Introduction to Labour Law BCEA & Contracts

This Labour Relations course is designed to provide delegates with the knowledge and competency to deal with the day-to-day IR related matters and situations confronting them in the workplace. It will lead delegates through the required procedural and substantive aspects pertaining to disciplinary principles.

Operational Managers and/or 1st Level Management such as Supervisors, HR Practitioners and Business Owners.


  • Application of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act
  • Particulars relating to employment, remuneration and termination of employment
  • Remuneration and severance pay
  • Monitoring, enforcement of IR event pertaining to legal proceedings

NQF Level: 5
Credits: 11


Conduct a disciplinary hearing

This course is designed and is intended for line managers and human Resources Practitioners or departmental managers who may be called upon to chair disciplinary hearings.

Effectively handle hearings and learn how to reach reasoned decisions on the basis of evidence presented.


  • Apply labour relations to the disciplinary process
  • Handle disciplinary meetings
  • Ensure that proper procedure was followed prior to the hearing
  • Ensure that hearings are conducted in a firm and procedurally fair manner

NQF Level: 6
Credits: 5


Institute disciplinary action

This course is designed to assist Supervision and Management to identify and categorise transgressions. Thereafter implement appropriate disciplinary procedures and subsequently represent an employee / employer at a disciplinary hearing.

Gain a better understanding of the principles and practices in respect of South African Labour Laws when initiating and conducting a disciplinary hearing for employees who transgress employment practices.


  • Identify and classify workplace transgressions
  • Able to institute the correct procedure for handling the transgression
  • Implement procedures to handle non-dismissible offences
  • Implement procedure to handle dismissible offences

NQF Level: 5
Credits: 8


Facilitate a mass retrenchment process

This course is designed for Human Resource practitioners and also Operational Management and supervision. This course will help practitioners to facilitate a mass retrenchment process.

Main objective is to ensure the correct procedure is implemented even as soon the strategic planning phase of a section 189 process.


  • Thorough understanding of the importance of substantive and procedural fairness
  • Demonstrate an understanding of and apply the requirements for the issuing of a notice of intention to dismiss
  • Prepare and conduct facilitation meetings
  • Complete the facilitation meetings

NQF Level: 6
Credits: 8


Demonstrate an understanding of collective agreements and bargaining councils

This course is designed to understand the role that bargaining councils play in the labour market. Learners will also be able to explain how a bargaining council functions, who the parties to the Council are, how collective agreements are negotiated, extended and enforced and how disputes resolved.

Manager, heads of department, section heads or divisional heads, or managers who may have more than one team reporting to them will find it beneficial to comprehend the dynamics around bargaining councils.


  • Understand what a collective agreement in a bargaining council is
  • Understand the binding nature of collective agreements
  • Extend collective agreements
  • Enforce collective agreements
  • Explain prescribed wages and conditions of employment

NQF Level: 6
Credits: 12